Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Classic Wall Dolls.

After Derrick and Manuela made their own damn Wall Doll, I figured I'd dig up some Classics to compare. At the same time, I shall make one more attempt to find my MISSING WALL DOLL. Below, from left to right:
Rocket Baby, 2001 - Plastic, down, thread, felt, silicone, acrylic - 29.5" high - Private Collection, i.e. SOLD.
Eskimo Baby, 2001 - Fabric, fur, thread, silicone, acrylic - 21.25" high - Private Collection, i.e. SOLD.
Cocoon Baby 1, 2000 - Fabric, thread, silicone - 15" high - Private Collection, i.e. STOLEN. Last seen about 2001 before lent to "Noga" for a photo portrait of her with the doll. Noga's last name is unknown; she worked at a Brooklyn optics store; she loved my dolls, so I figured I'd do her the favor. Noga disappeared from the one landline telephone number I had, and so did Cocoon Baby 1...do YOU know Noga?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

"We Made Our Own Damn Wall Doll."

That's what my brother Derrick wrote when he sent me this photo of his & girlfriend Manuela's daughter Saia Alina Hilbertz. Saia is already prepared for Halloween in her Wall Doll costume. I envy her promptness. My god, with me, like 20 minutes before my band is supposed to go onstage, I'm like "What the hell am I gonna WEAR?"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back From Berlin.

So, I've been back from Berlin for 2 weeks. My
Ball Dolls 1 - 15 hang in the Q-Club billiard hall until October 12th...they look so at home! Some photos of the process.