Friday, June 30, 2017

New Work: Queen of Nicotine

...shown here in the back yard, held up by two shepherd's rods pushed into the soil:
Hand-made alphabet wood print; acrylic on fabric, conduit, shepherd's rods. 
Fabric size 65" high x 105" wide.


Birds and bees are all high,
Unheard and unseen
Their dealer is the
Queen of nicotine

She rises quietly,

Spreads her hands like mace
Systemic poison
Arsenic and lace

Neo neo nicotinoids,
Neo neo nicotinoids

I can't find my way home
Said the bee to the bird
There was no reply,
The statement unheard

We require our dirt
to live lifelessly
We slaughter our kids
It’s done knifelessly 

Neo neo nicotinoids,
Neo neo nicotinoids

She goes about her work,
Is precise and thorough
Can't comprehend fear,
Can’t understand sorrow

She's a hard worker,
Like those she destroys
She will go all the way
To kill all girls and boys

No neonicotinoids,
No neonicotinoids

Friday, June 9, 2017

Monthly Art: June 2017

Hear Me 1 & Hear Me 2 (wall objects)
Seashells, rock, hair, acrylic on fabric; polyester stuffing
5" high x 6 1/4" wide x 4" deep