Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monthly Art: August / September / OCTOBER 2012

 (!The reason I have not posted for 3 months! HOUSE!)
House. SOLD
Watercolor on paper.
11.25" x 8".

Railway Excursion, Bronx, Autumn 2012

I have been thinking of painting Ships for years. (However, I always felt I'd need a studio overlooking the river where I could paint the real thing in real time...and in unobserved comfort. How spoiled is that!) Now I am thinking of painting Trains, thanks to my railway-obsessed son. Transport, industry, structure, system, movement, landscape, the past, yearning for far-away places...old things...broken down things...dirty things...loved things...A sense of time and speed very different from that evoked by computers today.

...Why does the inside of that big train car remind me of an art gallery?

Mail Art: Gail Mitchell to Halona Hilbertz, August 2012