Monday, April 23, 2012

Monthly Art: April 2012

Wall Object.
Stones, lace, acrylic on wood.
3.25" high x 10" wide x 1.5" deep.

"Necklace" is made of stones collected in Pennsylvania which were drilled, strung and knotted on lace that my mother bought at a flea-market in Munich, Germany. A different lace from the same flea-market borders the ends, so that the necklace can be worn around the neck when tied in a bow in the back. The shelf the object sits on is painted a deep, metallic, spinachy green.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter - my Favorite Pagan Holiday...

...well, that's how I see it...the Egg as symbol of fertility and Spring's new beginnings. In keeping with the German tradition, I blow out raw eggs (put a little hole on either side with a needle, put your mouth against one hole, blow the contents into a bowl, rinse and dry the empty eggs; cook pancakes or scrambled eggs that day), paint them, attach ribbon or thread, sometimes beads, and hang them on blooming branches. I try to keep the eggs for years, and add a few new ones every Easter. This year I colored two and gave Hopper a brush and some acrylic paints to finish them...they're very gestural!

Here's a picture. Also of various creative processes taking place on the dining table; some blooms gathered at our beautiful old Lutheran cemetery in Queens; and a picture of the newest addition to the family, Fuji, with the cone she currently has to wear, under the Wallace & Gromit movie "Curse of the Were-Rabbit". Guess the Were-Rabbit will do for the Easter Bunny...