Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monthly Art: May 2011

Coniferous and Deciduous.  
Watercolor on paper. 
9 x 12".

Mail Art: Halona Hilbertz to Gail Mitchell, May 2011

The line drawing is based on my son. The chewing gum wrappers hold a specific significance that harkens back to the guitar my brother custom-made, and gave Gail for her birthday. All of us are in a band together.

Mail Art: Gail Mitchell to Halona Hilbertz, May 2011

Love the call-and-response in this piece, how it answers the piece I sent preceding it. And just its pure aesthetics. The child's writing, of course, stirs my heart.

Mail Art: Halona Hilbertz to Shannon Miller, May 2011

"N.Y.C......PLEAD GUILTY": my comment to a friend who is leaving New York for a few years and will be missed. Parts are derived from a N.Y.C. parking ticket.

Mail Art: Shannon Miller to Halona Hilbertz, May 2011

...love the combo Happy All-American Kid Face & bold words...