Monday, April 18, 2011

Mail Art: Halona Hilbertz to Gail Mitchell, April 2011

Part of Gail's last mail art piece was a little sticker that read, "Do not rework'. So I sent her back that motto in big (hand-made wood block) letters, printed on a list of measurement conversions....also with holes punched in, and laced up irregularly with string...all components that are reminiscent of Gail's way of artmaking.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mail Art: Halona Hilbertz to Kim Dawn, April 2011

In response to Kim's newest mailing, which employed a perforated paper label sheet, I used a sheet of sticky address labels with similar dimensions. I folded it in half; remove the stickers; cut out the "Avery" logos; double-sewed around the edges of the cut-outs & the outer edges. Here is this piece of Mail Art, A) hung against my studio window, allowing the light to come through the double-sided cut-outs & B) rolled up, as I stuffed it into the envelope.

Mail Art: Kim Dawn to Halona Hilbertz, April 2011

Kim's newest mail with 3 details of the delicate pencil/watercolor images.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3 Brooklyn Views From My New Studio...

...which will go to the Charity Auction for the Relief of Japan, Friday, April 15, 5 - 9pm, at Salmagundi, 47 Fifth Avenue at 12th Street, New York NY. All proceeds will go to the Red Cross.

Mail Art: Gail Mitchell to Halona Hilbertz, April 2011

Ha....I automatically thought I should "open"this one...that it was an "envelope"...until I had second thoughts while opening the little clamp; and then realizing, while photographing it, just how much it looks like Gail's paintings...homogeneous, done.

Mail Art: Kim Dawn to Halona Hilbertz, April 2011

Very nice...I don't remember saying this at all...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Monthly Art: April 2011

Arm Over Brooklyn.
Pencil, watercolor, photo collage on paper. 
9 x 12".

Mail Art: Halona Hilbertz to Shannon Miller, April 2011