Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Artist Statement"

Some things my art is about -

Desire and Yearning; Empathy; Love and Hate; Fear and Vulnerability; Pain and Beauty; Death and Renewal; Humankind / Other Animals / God / Nature; The Individual versus The Whole; Conscious and Sub-Conscious Thoughts; Conscious and Sub-Conscious Feelings. Mystery / Movement /Dance / Standstill. Simultaneous Youth and Old Age: Wisdom, or the Pursuit of it. The Radicalness of this Pursuit of Wisdom.

All the while aiming to create something Irresistible.

More "Rooted and Thorned"

Some associations people have had seeing "Rooted and Thorned":

- Cactus. Thorned to protect its fleshy, vulnerable interior.

- Kapok Tree. A tall tree with big spikes on its trunk.

- Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. A device used in training.

- Fertility/Motherhood. The "horns" representing boobs.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Freestanding Figure "Rooted and Thorned"

& Hopper gallerysitting at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center: