Sunday, May 31, 2009

Edition of 36: BabyGatheringThanksCollages

For those who made happen, came to, or sent something for, the recent Baby Gathering, or in another way supported Baby: an edition of 36 Thank You collages created by Baby Daddy Donn Davis & Baby Mommy Halona Hilbertz. Shown in sequence, each collage is approximately 5.5"high x 8" (or 8"high x 5.5"). They will be mailed out tomorrow. Thanks, Everybody!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zombies: Exchange between an Artist and a Musician

Upon seeing my Glitter Zombies posted here, my brilliant musician friend Damon Ketron wrote that his upcoming album will be titled "Repel the Undead". I asked what Zombies signified to him. He wrote:

"Yeah the Undead for me with my next album "Repel the Undead" is like things you've wished you could've said or opportunities missed before you turned into a zombie, unfeeling, Not living now in the moment, the arrogance of thinking we'll be alive tomorrow and living a life of fear and being afraid to live now which is like dying twice. I don't know, lots of things, but mainly just being numb and not living I guess and repelling those thoughts and dead feelings."

Damon asked what Zombies represented to me. I wrote:

"The undead - zombie - that whole word / idea only came up when my brother saw the started paintings in my studio, which were a continuation of that drawing you aptly called "gestural"; and he called the painted creatures "zombies". The paintings are about a subjective feeling - about being "out of it", numbly unhappy, in a dull pain - feeling you have no control over your body, over what's happening - a mind / body disconnect.

Have been thinking I might be a total control freak without ever having realized it. Maybe that's a given for any active creative person, any artist/musician/writer. One of the hardest parts of being pregnant has been to not be in control of my body. Here I am, producing something I don't have any creative say in! Realized I like to use my body as a "tool" - derive energy from movement - go anywhere I please - dance - be flexible - know why I feel the way I feel, and change it if I don't like it. Having an "alien" in you that you cannot control - because this is a whole new being of its own outside of yourself, even though it's in you for the moment! - changes all your possibilities. And I felt the limiting aspect of that more than the miraculous far.

So, the idea of the "zombie" didn't even come up til my bro mentioned it, and I liked the word, and juxtaposed the zombie with its glittering surroundings that it didn't feel part of...glitter: nyc, my creative active friends, an adventurous life."

Friday, May 1, 2009


May's $10 Piece:
Untitled (Women with Large Hands).

Pen on Paper. 8.5 x 11". 1997.

May's $50 Piece:
Boxer Doll.
Tinfoil, Acrylic, Silicone. 10.5" high. 1999.

May's $100 Piece:
Oil on Canvas. 10 x 8".

What I'm Working On Right Now: ZOMBIES IN GLITTERLAND

Zombie in Glitterland 1.
Acrylic and Glitter on canvas. 10 x 8". 2009.

Zombie in Glitterland 2.
Acrylic and Glitter on canvas. 10 x 8". 2009.

Zombie in Glitterland 3 - unfinished.
Acrylic and Glitter on canvas. 24 x 20". 2009.

#3 isn't done yet. Ms. Zombie needs Glitter...we all do.